Baggage Claim

At least once a week, one of the customers visiting the running store where I work confides, “I used to run, but my knees …” The sentence usually ends there.  I realize there are many people struggling with things they can do little or nothing to avoid.  I also know some people are simply more prone to take on a lot of karmic baggage, be it “my knees” or “those damned Democrats/Republicans” or “my stubborn parents” or “this lame job”.  Our mission, if we have one at all, is to become aware of the differences between what we really have to carry and perverse tradition.  Sitting can help with unpacking and sorting it out.  Running can, too.  But nothing has a prayer of helping until we make a very conscious decision to relax our grip.  It’s often less about what we carry, and more about how tightly we’re holding it.

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