Rest Easy

If running is the bright happy playground, then rest is often seen as the shunned, shuttered house on the distant hill, a last-ditch asylum for the aged and injured.  But rest completes running, makes it whole.  Regularly scheduled rest is the salt to running’s pepper, the yin to its yang.  Running can’t happen without stillness to heal aching muscles and numb spirits.  Sitting in zazen prepares us for a more intimate and energetic connection with our daily lives; rest restores our hunger and capacity for running – transforming it from dutiful labor to enjoyment and enrichment. Which in turn creates that deeply satisfactory, bone-filling tiredness that transforms mere sitting or laying down into true rest.  Or, as Old Man Dogen might have put it had he laced up a pair of Mizunos, running is resting, and resting is running.

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