Always Wandering, Always Running

Three friends are embarking on big adventures by foot this weekend.  The college-age sons of our long-time neighbors are taking time out from school and job searching to hike from Seattle to Mexico on the fabled Pacific Crest Trail.  They’re Eagle Scouts and have been preparing for this at the level of the Apollo moon landings.  You can follow their adventures from now until November on their blog, “Always Wandering.”  And friend Karen Bonnett, six days after marrying friend Nattu Natraj, will toe the formidable starting line of the Western States Endurance Run – 100 grueling miles of high-altitude mountain trail running, one of the world’s toughest ultramarathons.  As the ancient Zen master Dogen wrote, “Although mountains belong to the nation, mountains belong to the people who love them.”  May you carry the mountains as treasures, walk with them as friends, and rest at trail’s end in peace and safety.

Postscript:  The guys are off on their 2650-mile odyssey south, and Karen walked tall with the mountains, finishing in less than 30 hours. 

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